TestVid's 3D Stereoscopic Test Sequences

TestVid will be launching the World’s first comprehensive 3D stereoscopic video test sequences designed specifically for testing the quality of video codecs - T3D003 Europe.

There is very little 3D content available - and most of what is available comprises commercial movies, which are only available compressed at relatively modest bit-rates, and cannot be freely used for demos and tests. T3D003 Europe solves this problem: it comprises more than 60 pairs of uncompressed Left + Right video sequences, in HD and 2K D-Cinema formats, with the usage rights to do tests, trade shows, public demos - even use on websites.

T3D003 Europe is intended both for broadcasters and for broadcast equipment manufacturers (such as server or encoder companies), to give full test coverage of just about any type of 3D video feature that an encoder is likely to encounter.

As well as the video itself, 3D Tvids are fully documented, so it is easy to find video which will stress a 3D codec in many ways, with a wide range of subjects including 'difficult' video such as fast scene changes, reflections, lots of detail, night-time highlights, hand-held camera - and the issues specific to 3D such as inter-ocular and convergence, alignment, matching camera parameters, lenses.

Source: TestVid