CEL-Soft to Introduce Stereoscopic Analyser

Compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Windows, Cel-Soft's Cel-Scope3D allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently so that the 3D is accurate from the moment of capture. Running on a suitably powerful PC platform, Cel-Scope3D can display left and right channels simultaneously plus actual depth dynamics.

Its display window can each be set to show the usual waveform, vectorscope and histogram graphics as well as differences in video parameters between each channel. Geometry issues can be easily identified using built-in real-time image manipulation. Quality-control tests can be performed on live stereoscopic video sources in any SD, HD or 2K format from industry standard capture cards or Firewire inputs, or alternatively from file playback.

Screenshot of Cel-Scope3D

Cel-Scope3D is designed for use both on set with live inputs and in post-production, reviewing and playing back 3D media files. Captured footage or edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analysed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3D monitors. Anaglyph display, touch-screen control and auto-alarm are all supported. Displays can be scaled and arranged as six or eight windows on one or two PC monitors and also on a 3D monitor.

The most important setting the stereographer or operator has to do is to assign the target depth budget for the production in percentage of screen width or in pixels. The live 3D analysis displays then include depth analysis with depth budget markers, vertical disparity, depth histogram and vertical disparities histogram. These can be colour-coded to correspond to the false colour used on the depth map, for easy problem-area recognition.

Left/right focus-difference and colour-balance-difference displays allow camera matching to be checked easily. Each display mode is configured via a simple menu. Up to 20 configurations can be stored on preset buttons for fast recall. Embedded audio, stereo or multi-channel surround-sound can also be extracted, displayed, monitored and checked alongside the video. Logging and GPI options enable Cel-Scope3D to monitor content at any part of the 3D distribution chain.

An optional 3D recording facility allows dual stream 3D be captured direct to hard disk in a number of alternative formats.

Source: Live Production