Teranex Introduces 3D Applications

Teranex is introducing a suite of 3D applications for the VC100 product family. Engineered as a dual channel architecture, the VC100 product family is uniquely suited for stereoscopic processing.

The programmable platform can evolve with the transition to 3D to provide a feature set that meets the needs of the industry. Existing VC100 product family customers are able to take advantage of the new 3D applications without the need to install new equipment, making the switch to 3D very simple.

The three applications available are VC1-3DSP for stereoscopic processing allowing 2D to 3D conversion, VC1-3D-CCP for capture and correction processing of 3D content, and VC1-3DE for encoding and decoding of various 3D formats.

Advanced stereoscopic processing is available with the VC1-3DSP software application used to transition from 2D to 3D enabling broadcasters to use standard 2D programming and simulate 3D programmes. VC1-3DSP gives clients the ability to mix 2D content with 3D and create seamless 3D content including the addition of 3D logos.

Capture and correction processing is available with the VC1-3D-CCP application which includes format and frame rate conversion, positional and axial rotation adjustments to compensate for mechanical, optical and electronic stereoscopic camera misalignments, and includes 3D logo insertion.

The VC1-3DE application provides encoding and decoding of 3D streams, and supports all popular 3D formats as well as some optional proprietary transmission formats.

Source: Teranex