Binocle Starts Commercialization of the Disparity Tagger

At IBC Amsterdam, held from 9 to 14 september 2010, French company Binocle will start the commercialization of its real-time high-definition stereoscopic correction unit: the DisparityTagger. A prototype was shown at NAB in April 2010 and was a major success among visitors.

One of the challenges in mastering 3D cinema and television is related to the difficulty in transmitting deformation-free images, despite the extreme care needed for 3D shooting. The DisparityTagger allows the 3D TV viewers to experience corrected 3D video, stripped of vertical disparities, when watching stereoscopic 3D live broadcasts. Vertical disparities cause visual discomfort when viewing stereoscopic images by causing eyestrain due to the geometric deformations intrinsic to 3D shooting.

The DisparityTagger is the universal tool for monitoring stereoscopic shots, allowing to automatically detect in real time every issue that can arise while shooting. Moreover – with the new SDI out capability – the DisparityTagger can automatically correct in real time the stereoscopic streams on the fly to reach a shot free of vertical disparities.

An off-line version (DisparityKiller) is also available for post-production.

Screenshot of the DisparityTagger

The DisparityTagger is the result of 12 years of stereoscopic shooting experience by Binocle, and 4 years of research by the INRIA Research Institute, in the “French Silicon Valley” of Grenoble. High-definition real-time processing is made possible by the extraordinary computational power of the NVIDIA SDI Quadro solutions.

Binocle was awarded in IBC 2009 with the SVG Sports Award for it's coverage of the French Open Roland Garros in 3D. Binocle is also responsible for the stereoscopy of the first French Stereoscopic Feature Film: Derriere les murs. Binocle is part of the 3DLive research consortium, funded by National Research Agency (ANR) in France.

Binocle proposes today the tool which was missing from the 3D images production line, and this tool will boost the invention of a new art form for television and cinema.

IBC visitors will be able to see demonstrations and order the DisparityTagger at IBC booth (11.C50b).

Binocle will be also on following exhibitions:
CINEC Munich - 18-20th September - Std 2-E34
SATIS Paris - 19-21st October