Motorola Premieres First 3D Set-Top

Motorola has announced software enhancements for its DCX line of set-top boxes. The company said that while frame compatible 3D content could be passed through set-tops already in the market, accessing on-screen guides and user menus had given consumers an often unsettling experience.

Motorola has overcome this by integrating 3D signal processing software into the set-top. This is capable of detecting the presence of 3D content and identifying the correct format for its delivery and display on a 3D TV. The set-tops support 3D TV over both MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 and are capable of 1080p24/30 output.

All on-screen text and graphics are then reformatted to match the incoming 3D format, so that they can be correctly displayed by the 3D set. The 3D processing software supports all on-screen displays such as subtitles, application graphics and text overlays, as well as existing EPGs and applications.

Motorola is also working with its customers to add 3D support to set-tops already in the field, an issue of concern in Europe, where operators are keen to use devices already deployed for HD services. The new 3D TV-enabled set-tops will be on display at the Motorola stand at NAB.

By Julian Clover, Broadband TV News