Dolby Makes Available 3D Open Specification

Alongside its latest innovations in broadcast audio, Dolby Laboratories announced new developments in broadcast 3D and imaging accuracy at this year’s NAB show. Dolby’s new open specification for broadcast 3D delivery details how 3D images can be encoded and carried using frame-compatible techniques through a conventional 2D broadcast infrastructure. The specification is fully compatible with enhancement layer approaches, enabling extensibility to full-resolution 3D in the future.

“The consumer will demand full-resolution 3D broadcasts in the not-so-distant future,” said Jason Power, Senior Director of Marketing, Broadcast, Dolby Laboratories. “With Dolby’s announcement of the open specification, the industry can deliver 3D today and be prepared for higher demands tomorrow.”

The Dolby open specification will enable professional equipment manufacturers to create frame-compatible 3D encoding tools utilizing an open packing format. The encoding technique has been developed to preserve image quality and to facilitate an efficient resolution upgrade. Dolby is already working with multiple leading equipment vendors to demonstrate encoding solutions using this format.

The specification is scheduled to be available in May to manufacturers, operators, broadcasters, and other relevant industry parties without charge from Dolby.

Source: Dolby