Nokia Creates 3D Mobile Phone

At the Nokia World event in Stuttgart the Finnish phone maker is demonstrating a Nokia device that boasts a no-glasses-required 3D display. Running on a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - not the planned launch platform for the tech - the display offers rudimentary 3D on a handheld device.

Nokia N810 3D

Phone manufacturers in the Far East have already brought 3D mobiles phones to market, but Nokia Research could not predict a launch timescale for its solution. Such launches are market-driven, and although Nokia has the technology to create such a handset, the usual trio of expense, demand and content mean it's not planned for an imminent release. A Nokia Research exec, that described the in-house tech as "advanced", revealed that the company has been working on 3D phones for "several years".

The device we saw working, the aforementioned N810, has a special screen made by a secret third party manufacturer and has proprietary software to run the content, however, the content that the phone can display is ordinary, common-or-garden 3D, so the current boom in 3D filming might well mean a launch is sooner rather than later.

By Amy-Mae Elliott, Pocket-Lint