Marquis Builds Bridges

Marquis Broadcast is debuting Bridging, a new product that provides a simple method for Final Cut Pro and Avid editors to exchange timelines between systems, thereby improving workflow flexibility. Using Bridging, Avid and Apple editors are able to exchange timelines in the background between editing systems in a simple intuitive drag and drop operation. Bridging moves the required media and EDL metadata from one system to the other so that the edit can be continued once the media arrives at its new destination.

Marquis Broadcast Medway Bridging

Bridging also gives facility managers more freedom when organising projects and allocating resources by providing further opportunity for improved collaboration when a mixture of editing systems is in use. Different best of breed editing systems can be easily integrated into a single cohesive and efficient workflow to better accommodate different stages of the production.

Bridging is available immediately as part of Marquis' Medway media transfer and format conversion software and will be available as a stand-alone product from November 2009.

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Source: IBC e-Daily