Ninsight Unveils DFXP Subtitling Solution for MXF Files

Ninsight will be presenting the first DFXP subtitling solution for MXF video files at IBC 2009. This new clever tool is the result of software developments carried out with the help of the CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie), OpenCube Technologies, a leader in integrated MXF solutions, and Arte France, the European cultural TV channel.

Thanks to a simultaneous collaboration with Screen Subtitling, a leading experienced supplier of captioning and subtitling systems, VBI or VANC subtitling data can now be easily extracted or inserted from any MXF file. With these extended capabilities, Ayato Convert immediately answers clearly identified needs in terms of MXF workflow management and tapeless operations. Now customers in the Broadcasting & D-Cinema market can create, import and export DFXP subtitling files into MXF environments without any limits.

Source: Ninsight