3D Entertainment Summit 2008

The 3D Entertainment Summit is the first industry event focused on the business of 3D. The Summit will educate entertainment executives about content, creation, production, and distribution and will cover all 3D mediums including film, exhibition, live broadcasting and home entertainment. Attendees will learn how 3D relates to business practices by hearing from a dynamic group of leading experts on 3D who will provide actionable, non-hyped, real and responsible information.

The unique two-day conference format will contain a mix of general sessions and panel sessions presented by a host of industry experts and executives. The highly interactive environment will allow entertainment professionals to gain practical insight into this technology, market size, adoption rates, creative and production strategies, talent and licensing issues gaining a better sense of how 3D relates to their future.

The Summit will assemble an estimated 300 - 400 executives from a cross-section of the Entertainment industry including: Film, Television, Gaming, Content, Creation and Distribution.

Event Information
Event Venue: Century Plaza
Event Location: 2025 Avenue of the Stars - Los Angeles, CA 90067 - USA
Event Holder: Unicomm, LLC
Contact: Sarah Lally
Website: www.3d-summit.com