Release of Fraunhofer easyDCP v1.1.1

easyDCP is an easy to use GUI frontend developed for creation of Interop and SMTPE compliant DCPs. easyDCP can handle DPX and JPEG2000 images as well as WAV audio files to create a DCP which will run on Interop/SMPTE compliant playout systems. In case of using DPX files easyDCP will do all the necessary color transformation to meet the requirements in the Digital Cinema for you. There is no need to buy additional hardware to run easyDCP - it's all in the software!

A demo version is available here.

Main features
- Creation of Interop and SMPTE compliant DCPs
- Import of DPX and JPEG 2000 image files
- Supporting up to 2k(2048x1080) and progressive HD (1920x1080) picture content
- Supporting stereo and 5.1 audio content in broadcast WAV files
- Automatic transformation from the ITU709 Gamut to the XYZ Gamut (Digital Cinema)
- JPEG 2000 encoding (DCI Compliant: ISO/IEC 15444-1:Amd2)
- Managing the DCP creation process with project files
- Easy metadata editing
- Intuitive and self explaining user interface
- Drag & Drop functionality
- Professional look and feel
- Available for Windows and Mac
- This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit

New in version 1.1.1
- Mac version available now!
- Set offset and duration for image and sound files
- New data handling for input content
- Several bug fixes

How to buy?
If you want to purchase a full commercial version of easyDCP you can buy a license directly from Fraunhofer IIS. Price including six months E-Mail support and six months of free updates is 2000 Euro (excl. VAT) for each license. Of course, the commercial version will no longer burn the easyDCP logo into your DCPs. If you plan to purchase a bunch of license please contact us directly.

What's next?
By the beginning of next year, we will release easyDCP+ which will have additional functionality:
- Subtitling
- TIFF support
- Encryption
- 3D Support

Note: An upgrade from easyDCP to easyDCP+ will be appr. 1500 Euro (excl. VAT).

Have an idea?
We are always happy if we receive some user feedback, recomendations or ideas to improve our software. If you have an idea please send an E-Mail.