International Datacasting Corporation and OpenSky Sign Agreement for Digital Cinema Roll Out in Europe

International Datacasting Corporation, a global leader in providing advanced solutions for the distribution of broadband multimedia content via satellite, announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with OpenSky, based in Italy, for the provision of IDC's broadband satellite technology for the rollout of a new digital cinema distribution network in Europe. The MOU has been consummated with an initial order of uplink broadcast equipment and an initial deployment of IDC's satellite receivers to multiple theatres across Italy. Financial details of the MOU were not disclosed for competitive reasons.

OpenSky is a major European satellite service provider with headquarters in Italy. Opensky is a strategic partner in Italy of the Eutelsat group and provides a range of satellite delivery services in Europe, from its base of operations in Italy. As part of this MOU, OpenSky is launching a new satellite distribution network specifically for live events and content delivery to theatres across Europe equipped with digital cinema projection systems. Opensky is also utilizing the IDC solution in an ESA (European Space Agency) project named ISIDE focused on E/D-Cinema distribution.

Under the terms of the MOU, IDC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary PROFLine B.V. in the Netherlands, will provide a complete end-to-end solution capable of satellite distribution of both file based digitally rendered movies based on the Hollywood JPEG200 standard as well as alternative live events content. The solution is based the company's proven SuperFlex Pro Cinema product line including Datacast XD for content management, the company's latest SFX4104 DVB-S2/IP receivers and Sensio 3D encoding and decoding technology.

IDC's SuperFlex Pro Cinema product line comprises a family of modular products that can easily be configured to provide a range of end-to-end solutions for the delivery of both file-based movies and live events over a broadband satellite network. The product line features open standards including the latest DVB-S2 broadcast technology with a variety of encryption options and plug and play interoperability with terrestrial Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

A new feature of the SuperFlex Pro Cinema product line is the Pro Cinema 3D Live Encoder and Decoder, with leading Sensio 3-D technology onboard. The SuperFlex Pro Cinema 3D Live Encoder and Decoder supports both 2D and 3D live and pre-recorded events, which provides movie houses and other venues increased new revenue opportunities via alternative content programming.

Source: MarketWatch