Aspera Announces Availability of Transfer Plug-In for Avid Interplay

Aspera's plug-in for Avid Interplay Transfer, a solution developed for high-speed workgroup-to-workgroup transfer of rich media - via the Avid Transfer Engine, is now qualified for the Avid Interplay product line. The plug-in allows Interplay users to exchange HD video sequences, clips and even entire projects over the wide area network, at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions.

The Aspera Plug-in interfaces with Avid Interplay Transfer to provide high-speed Aspera transfer capability directly from Avid editing applications. Editors can send media to remote Avid workgroups with automatic check in of media to Interplay, or transfer files directly to any host running Aspera server software. Using Aspera's innovative fasp transport protocol, Avid projects can be moved securely and reliably within predictable timeframes, even at global distances. Avid Interplay Transfer is a key component of the Avid Interplay system and manages processor-intensive media transfers to an Avid Unit), Avid Unity ISIS based solution, Avid editing system or supported video server.

The Plug-in has been validated with the current version of Interplay and will be available with updated documentation and packaging in Q4 2008. The solution provides a superior alternative to traditional transfer solutions, allowing Avid users to exchange high-quality content more quickly than ever before.

Source: BroadcastBuyer