Quantel Launches Stereoscopic 3D Post Production Systems

"At IBC Quantel is launching a range of Stereoscopic 3D post production systems to provide a true real time end to end 3D post process. There are many challenges in Stereo 3D post. The first is how to see exactly what you are doing while you are doing it. If you can't see what you are doing or have to use inaccurate preview modes, or move media to playout servers, everything becomes less interactive and therefore takes much longer. Another challenge is handling at least twice the data as a conventional post session. That places heavy demands on rendering, media movement and disc management. The third challenge is handling Stereo 3D specific issues like scene to scene convergence, effect strength and flutter.

The new Quantel 3D systems overcome all these challenges by providing the right combination of toolset and horsepower to finish the most demanding stereo projects on time and on budget. Colorimetry, sync, editorial and imaging errors can all be fixed in context. Other special 3D features include a comparison mode (50/50 mix, left/right eye, difference map) and the ability to see when left/right eye link is broken. All of these deliver a true WYSIWYG experience for the operator and, most importantly, the client.

The new Stereo 3D toolset is available as an option on all new Pablo 4K, iQ4 and Max 4K systems. Additionally all existing Pablo 4K or iQ systems can upgrade to Stereoscopic 3D, providing a 'start to finish' Stereo workflow including previsualisation, editing, VFX, colour correction, trailers and mastering. Stereo projects can now take place 'in context' without the need for guesswork. The Quantel Stereoscopic 3D Option for Pablo iQ and Max has the ability to playout and manipulate two simultaneous streams of HD or 2K in sync and without rendering.

To address the needs of more cost sensitive post houses Quantel is also launching a brand new dedicated stereoscopic post production workstation - Sid. Sid comes in two configurations - as a full Stereo online system and also as a straightforward viewing, conform and mastering system.

All Quantel's Stereo 3D products are available after IBC."

Source: Broadcast Equipment Guide