Livewire Digital Launches JATS File Transfer Software Package

"Livewire Digital has launched its new Java Automated Transfer System (JATS) software package.

The software allows companies to benefit from fast, automated and efficient transfer of large files, between remotely located offices.

JATS is of particular value to broadcasters, whilst also being suitable for companies with a requirement for the transfer of large media, or corporate files. It can be easily integrated with a company's existing software and reduces transmission times from hours to minutes using optimised transfer protocols. JATS offers throughput optimisation and firewall traversal, is capable of sending and receiving files from other JATS based systems, and can be inter-operated with Livewire Digital M-Link products.

As with the entire M-Link Broadcasters suite of products, JATS incorporates automatic retry and auto append if a network connection is unreliable. Alert messages, statistics reporting, and easy accessible logging make it the most capable, configurable and easy-to-use automated file transfer system.

Livewire Digital's M-Link Broadcasters systems can be fully integrated with BGAN terminals and relevant support peripherals for broadcasting from remote locations."

Source: BroadcastBuyer