Inlet Technologies Announces Digital Watermarking For Extended Security During Encoding Process

"Inlet Technologies, the leader in advanced encoding solutions for new media, announced today that the company has partnered with Thomson, the world leader in digital video technologies, to enhance content security during the encoding and production process. Inlet’s Fathom encoding solution will feature Thomson’s underlying digital watermarking technology, adding an important layer of traceable security to complement traditional digital rights management (DRM) controlling access to content.

Digital watermarking has become a hot topic of discussion among content creators, specifically studios and post-production houses. In the case of leaked programming or content, this digital “trace” allows producers to determine where and when a breach occurred, helping them take corrective action and prevent future leaks. Such security breaches can cause devastating financial losses to content owners. Watermarking pairs well with current DRM solutions, with DRM preventing the content from being played and digital watermarking allowing content creators to determine where the content is from."

Source: Broadcast Equipment Guide