eMotion Engines DigiCrank

eMotion Engines DigiCrank is a high-quality motion compensated technology applied to Resolution independent (4K/2K/HD/SD) recranking product. This technology allows multiple high-quality frames to be generated from every incoming frame in the required resolution.

The product utilises global motion estimation in combination with a pixel resolution motion algorithm to provide high quality slow motion and standards conversions. The technology will allow multiple high quality frames to be generated from every incoming frame. This application of the technology enables Cinematographers to vary the fixed frames rate after acquisition.

Key features include:
- Slow motion processor - variable frame rate conversion
- Utilises advanced motion estimation technology
- File based processing
- DPX / Cineon RGB
- Bayer (GRGB) compatible (TBD)
- Resolution independent 4K/2K/HD/SD
- Pan, scan and re-size
- Auto shot detection
- Re-timing – speed up, slow down, stretch and shrink