Bluefish444 & Kulabyte Announce Joint OEM & Sales Agreement for Uncompressed HD Encoding Solutions

"Bluefish444 has entered into a joint original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and sales memorandum of understanding with KulaByte to embed KulaByte’s faster-than-real-time TimeSlice technology within Bluefish444’s Symmetry software, thereby creating a multi-format capturing, encoding and transcoding solution for uncompressed HD and SD video.

In addition, Kulabyte will qualify and sell Bluefish444 Symmetry input/output (I/O) cards, and will also incorporate OEM versions of the Bluefish Symmetry technology into its own turnkey professional video products to be sold through resellers and integrators.

Symmetry is Bluefish444’s Windows-based acquisition, review and playout solution that is bundled free with every Bluefish444 2K/HD/SD retail video card. Symmetry is utilized frequently in the broadcast graphics and 4:4:4 digital intermediate (DI) markets for multi-format uncompressed acquisition, review and playout.

Kulabyte’s TimeSlice technology delivers faster than real-time encoding, noticeably improved picture quality and significant bandwidth savings. Digital media creators can encode, and distribute digital content at speeds more than 12 times faster than standard industry platforms at comparable prices.

By incorporating the KulaByte TimeSlice technology within Symmetry, Bluefish444 will offer a scaleable, faster-than-real-time uncompressed encoding and transcoding solution for formats such as DV, AVI, MPEG2, QuickTime, H.264, WMV and FLV using Bluefish444 video cards for uncompressed video I/O.

Bluefish444 video cards with KulaByte TimeSlice technology is expected to be available in the 1st Quarter 2008."

Source: BroadcastBuyer