Hamlet Reel-Check

Hamlet Reel-Check is a powerful video and audio offline test and measurement system running entirely in software for Windows PC users.

Reel-Check software provides comprehensive quality automated monitoring tools, including video and audio error checking video and audio waveform monitoring, video and audio vectorscope and surround sound checking all with logging. The application provides a video monitor as well as the measurement displays or can run 'silently' and unattended.

It provides off line video file analysis with error checking and logging. Video and Audio errors are constantly monitored and can trigger a pre-set alarm flag or be logged, along with other error information into a text document. Because test results can be captured for later analysis, the Reel-Check can also be used to automatically process content which arrives as a file rather than as baseband video, making it ideal for conformance checking as well as rushes logging.

Main Features:
- HD and SD media files of any format
- Can accept live sources and IP feeds
- Batched operation of any number of sources
- Log reports with timecode reference
- Video, audio, surround sound parameters
- Metadata decoding & logging
- Monitors pictures, waveforms and data
- Can spawn any external S/W applications
- Looks and behaves like a conventional CRT scope
- Works with AVI, DV, MXF, MOV, VOB, M2V, MP4 & other files
- Can be used with HDV, DV, HD or SD SDI and analogue sources
- Snapshots of waveforms & pictures in jpeg, bmp, etc.