DVS at IBC 2007 - Enter Digital Cinema

"CLIPSTER has been the standard tool for every essential stage in digital movie production for quite some time. Offering conforming and finishing in formats ranging up to 4K resolution, CLIPSTER optimizes digital cinema production workflows. With its new hardware extension, the DVS DI workstation can handle all components of digital DCI mastering, including real-time compression of JPEG2000 formats according to the standard specified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). With CLIPSTER essential data formats such as Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) or Digital Cinema Package (DCP) can be created easily. As a one-stop DI solution, CLIPSTER optimizes all stages of post production for digital cinema.

With the HydraDDR PCI-X board, DVS's OEM customers have a tool for JPEG2000 compression and decompression at their disposition. It features uncompressed video and audio input and output, as well as real-time JPEG2000 decompression at resolutions of up to 2K. Using only a single board, DVS implements stereoscopic display applications for digital cinema. The encoding function handles compression of image data up to 2K. Even today, HydraDDR fulfills future industry standards: with SD, HD, 2K, and other DCI-specified formats, the board is perfectly equipped for integration in players for cinema projection and post production. As a matter of course, the DVS board also features 16 AES/EBU, or embedded audio channels."

Source: BroadcastBuyer