Holographic Storage Makes Its Commercial Debut at IBC 2007

"InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage systems and media, will exhibit the world’s first commercial holographic data storage product at IBC 2007. A breakthrough in data storage, the InPhase Tapestry product has a capacity of 300 GB and will enable broadcasters to record 2,100 minutes (35 hours) of broadcast-quality video on a single disk at a transfer rate of 20 MB/s (160 megabits per second) in less than 4.5 hours (250 minutes).

InPhase and Ikegami will demonstrate the initial product resulting from their agreement, an Ikegami-branded 300 GB external holographic drive associated with a PC. The drive provides a cost-effective, tapeless solution for archiving large video files finished on non-linear editing systems and acquired with Editcam and Editcam HD tapeles camcorders.

The Ikegami-branded InPhase external holographic drive will enable users of Ikegami’s Editcam and Editcam HD camcorders to transfer edited or camera-original video content via FireWire or FTP interfaces to highly stable 300GB cartridges with all the advantages of tapeless nonlinear archiving and retrieval. Editcam and Editcam HD acquisition will continue to utilize Ikegami’s hard-disk-based and solid-state FieldPak2 media, which can be overwritten for repeated use.

The InPhase family of Tapestry holographic drives includes data capacities that range from 300 GB to 1.6 TB on a single disk. The development of what is the first commercial holographic product to reach the market was enabled by InPhase’s development of key recording techniques and holographic media, the commercial availability of critical components, strong partnerships with leading storage innovators, and government funding."