Digitalvideo Computing (DVC) IBC 2007 Preview

"DVC Digitalvideo Computing will showcase the new uncompressed dual-channel ClipRecorder XTreme X2.

In Film Space Mode it features recording and playback of two HD DPX file streams at the same time in the same timeline.

In Clip Mode ClipRecorder XTreme X2 operates like a two channel uncompressed player for HD/2K formats up to 1080/50p or 2K/25p. ClipRecorder XTreme X2 with its internal SAS disk array fits into just 3U of vertical rack space.

DVC will also present the latest member of its ClipDisk Player Family, the ClipDisk2000, with JPEG2000/MPEG-2 support for 2K and HD resolutions.

ClipDisk2000 is powered by MikoM´s JPEG2000/MPEG-2 technology.

A new Import Manager software simplifies import of video files such as AVI, MXF, Quicktime and WMV to the ClipDisk Player.

The intuitive MediaControl software makes it easy to setup multiple ClipDisk players for syncronized playback and to control all players via an IP network."