CN Films Chooses SmartJog's Digital Delivery Technology

"CN Films has named SmartJog, the global leader in secure digital delivery of entertainment media, to operate a platform for digital delivery of independent European films.

Exhibitors will be able to browse a catalog of movies, watch low resolution trailers, and then deliver the file via SmartJog directly to the networked location once a programming agreement has been reached. The platform, which will be developed by CN Films and managed by SmartJog, is part of a project, supported by the MEDIA program of the European Commission, aimed at finding new distribution services dedicated to independent distributors and exhibitors.

CN Films plans to use the SmartJog service to ensure the fast and secure delivery of media to current clients and also as a way to reach new Exhibitors from all over the world. CN Films will develop their own website using SmartJog’s technology and digital delivery network. SmartJog’s fully automated and monitored system will manage the end-to-end logistics and guarantee media’s security and integrity.

SmartJog provides a global distribution and file transfer platform to facilitate the entertainment industry’s transition to digital by replacing physical logistics with electronic intermediation via a secured network. SmartJog’s network continues to grow with over 3,000 members globally in broadcasting, post production, motion picture and TV distribution. With offices in Paris and LA, SmartJog ensures 24/7 supervision and integrity of service. SmartJog was created in 2002 and is a subsidiary of TDF, a leading operator and provider of audiovisual, new media and broadband services to Radio, TV and telecom operators based in Paris.

Since 2002, CN films has organized the International Digital Film Forum (IDIFF). That manifestation follows the development of digital in the whole chain of cinema, thanks to an exhibition, seminars and workshops. It is within this framework that was created in 2006 the first Digital Film Market (DIFIM). CN films also develops consulting about releases in digital in a European context, towards European distributors.