Toboggan MediaTransfer to Revolutionise MXF ingest Into AVID

"MOG Solutions is pleased to announce the release of their new product, the Toboggan MediaTransfer, the first automated solution to support multiple media ingest devices to move MXF media into AVID environments.

Avid Workgroup solutions support the acquisition and export of media assets using standard open integration points. Thanks to Avid’s open solutions architecture, applications such as Toboggan MediaTransfer can be easily created to take advantage of media exchange and enhance customers’ workflows.

Through the automation of the ingest process, Toboggan MediaTransfer eliminates the multiple steps that are required by a video editor to move all their MXF files into Avid environments. The user can also share their content for maximum productivity and ingest files in the background while editing in Avid video editors.

Supporting all MXF camera manufacturers’ devices, like Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM, Grass valley Infinity, Ikegami Editcam along with other MXF devices, Toboggan MediaTransfer offers its users a simple one-touch solution, with hot-folder and hot-swap modes that trigger the transfer process in a fully automated way. The user will be able to track the ingest process, either remotely or locally, using a web interface to check the progress and status of ingest. Acknowledging the importance of metadata, the Toboggan MediaTransfer will auto detect and import the metadata coming from the XDCAM, P2 and Infinity products.

This new product is available in a standalone and a workgroup version. The standalone version will allow ingesting media files in the background while the editor works on his files. The workgroup version provides a ingest station to move files into Avid MediaManager or Avid Interplay environments. Toboggan MediaTransfer is compatible with AVID Unity MediaNetwork, AVID Unity ISIS, AVID MediaManager, AVID Interplay, AVID Unity LANShare, AVID NewsCutter and AVID Media Composer."