Streambox Releases World’s First Low-Latency Full HD 3D 4:2:2 Encoder

Streambox announced the release of the world’s first low-latency full resolution 4:2:2 HD 3D 1-RU Encoder/Decoder. The Full HD 3D Encoder/Decoder is built on the company’s award-winning ACT-L3 video compression technology, and includes all advanced video and networking features found in existing Streambox professional video products.

Designed for low-bandwidth Full HD 3D video acquisition and transport, the Streambox 3D Encoder/Decoder enables users to capture and transmit live and file-based 3D video over IP networks. The Streambox Full HD 3D Encoder/Decoder will offer robust forward error correction, and bandwidth shaping technologies to mitigate packet loss, network jitter, and buffering.

The encoder captures the full-frame left and full-frame right HD 3D video from the source and compresses it into a single synchronized transport stream or file. The single stream is received and decoded by the HD 3D Decoder as full-left and full-right playout, or has the option for side-by-side monitoring.

Streambox Full HD 3D Transport Key Features:

  • Full-frame left and full-frame right 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 HD 3D video
  • Capture via 3G-SDI or 2xHD-SDI in 1080i, 1080psf, or 720p
  • Full HD 3D output via Dual-HDSDI or single 3G-SDI with Genlock
  • 5.1 Embedded Audio
  • Sub-second end-to-end Full HD 3D capture to playout with an adjustable latency setting
  • Optional multiplexing/de-multiplexing of IP stream over multiple networks
  • Integrated FEC with proven transmission performance over IP networks
  • Compact 1-RU form factor
  • Optional file recording and playback in Full HD 3D

Streambox Full HD 3D video transport solution will be available to order in December 2010.

Source: Streambox