Mobile Devices Push 3D Technology

Three-dimensional visualisation is the new market driver in consumer electronics, but the fastest growth will not come from domestic 3D TV sets, but from new mobile devices. That’s the result of the conference 3D Next Generation Entertainment German industry association BITKOM held in Berlin on 9 November.

According to the experts at the conference, 3D will spread more quickly among and digital cameras than among TV sets. The reason is that 3D technology is more easily deployable on these devices and that there’s no need for 3D glasses. With regard to 3D TV sets, however, systems with glasses will remain without alternatives for many years.

Most 3D content will initially come from the internet or pay-TV platforms. With exception of cultural channel ARTE, Germany’s public TV channels currently don’t pursue any firm 3D plans. Also, most commercial free-to-air channels are only observing the development at this stage as they have only recently introduced their HD services.

Consumers will have to wait for a larger variety in 3D Blu-ray discs for several months, but in the experts’ view most top blockbuster movies will in future be released in 3D.

By Jörn Krieger, Rapid TV News