MyZen is the Art of 3D

French independent HD channel has taken advantage of MIPCOM in Cannes to present new innovations in 3D. Dedicated to health and well-being, the channel was launched in HD three years ago by group Melody headed by Bruno Lecluse and is carried on cable and IPTV platforms in France as well as into 40 countries abroad.

Now, in partnership with Grand Angle and Convergence Images, the channel has started producing contents in 3D.

Beyond 3D image, has also established a partnership with company a-volute to distribute 3D sound in a new technical standard that operates for any kind of speaker, including a PC. The channel is even also testing a system for diffusing odours related to images.

With these innovations, said the channel, wants to “propose an ever more astonishing and deeper relaxation to its viewers, using several senses: sight in 3D, hearing and smell.”

In executing its strategic plan, the group anticipates the launch of a 3D channel, 3D, which could be launched at the end of this year as reported by newsletter Satellifax. Prior to this, 3D VOD tests will be made on operators’ platforms.

By Pascale Paoli-Lebailly, RapidTV News