General 3D Announces Web-Based HTML5/WebGL Stereoscopic 3D System

In a 3D live streaming event on October 10, 2010 on (see recording here), General 3D announced the world’s first web-based 3D stereoscopic system to stream 3D stereoscopic videos using only a browser. This new system uses the HTML5 and WebGL standards being built into Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. This new web technology makes possible sophisticated computer graphics without browser plugins or downloads.

The General 3D technology based on HTML5 and WebGL opens up an entirely new category of technology for viewing 3D stereoscopic content including video, still photography, and computer graphics with a wide range of applications in communications, broadcasting and gaming.

General 3D’s service will allow members to easily stream 3D stereoscopic content such as videos and still images. This year, General 3D will also offer the capability for members to broadcast live 3D stereoscopic streaming video using a variety of stereoscopic camera systems. As the live streaming service comes on line, 3D webcams will be offered to members at a special introductory price through the store.

Comparison of 3D Stereoscopic Players

After an easy 3D display setup on, members will be able to upload 3D stereoscopic images and videos and participate in discussions related to 3D. In addition to member-uploaded content, will be ready in the near future to host short-form and long-form video content such as movies, television shows and webisodes.

General 3D is creating a system to support 3D stereoscopic advertisements on the web. Advertisers will be able to engage viewers with many new forms of ads, all in stereoscopic 3D, enabling a new dimension of connection with viewers. General 3D is bringing a new level of excitement and engagement to advertising. General 3D’s expert 3D advertising producers can create 3D commercials for you and can also train your content creation staff in the art of 3D commercials.

The General 3D technology will use the open video standards including WebM VP8 and OGG Theora for video, which are both unencumbered by known patents and can be used freely without incurring licensing costs.

General 3D technology will support a wide range of 3DTVs and 3D displays. Multiview autostereoscopic (glasses free) display support will be coming out in December of this year. The player has been tested on Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic 3DTVs using shutter glasses, and Acer notebooks using polarized glasses and will operate out-of-the-box on many other existing 3DTVs, 3D notebooks and 3D display systems.

Screenshot of Mode Select page showing currently available output modes

To view stereoscopic 3D videos on the system, you need a supported 3DTV or 3D display (with glasses), a computer and a free member account on In the future, General 3D will also offer a set top box with advanced functionality, eliminating the need for a computer. will build its video library starting with stereoscopic video at 360p, 540p and 720p (per eye). The resolution of video playback will depend on available bandwidth at the point of playback. Most people with high speed internet (and the required 3D display and glasses) will be in good shape to have a very enjoyable 3D stereoscopic experience.

Source: General 3D