The last 5 years have seen the successful re-introduction of 3D stereoscopic content in movie theatres, with high peaks of interests shown by spectators in 2009. Consequently, the manufacturing of 3D TV sets and the deployment of 3DTV infrastructures have started in 2010, as it is widely accepted that the next step of entertainment evolution in the home is going to be a transition from HDTV to 3DTV.

All the solutions that are envisaged so far are based on similar concepts than the ones used in cinema, that is to say using glasses (polarised or shutters). It is then natural to foresee that, for home application, there will be a trend in the coming years to improve even further the level of immersion of the spectator into the scene by suppressing the need of glasses (e.g., through the use of auto-stereoscopic displays, light field displays), so as to introduce new 3D audio experiences and more compelling 3D interactivity platforms.

To support this action, the MUSCADE Consortium organises a 1-day 3DTV Workshop targeting the production, transmission, rendering and display of more immersive 3D content than just 3D-Stereo. This workshop will take place in Rennes, France close to the R&D Centre of Technicolor, one of MUSCADE's partners, on 16th December 2010.

In addition to keynote and paper sessions, some demonstrations illustrating the concepts described above will be presented. This event is envisaged to provide a great opportunity for disseminating and promoting the accruing MUSCADE technologies among the attendees.

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