iLab to Offer 2D to 3D Conversion

Film processing and post-production facility iLab is expanding its visual effects capabilities with a view to post-converting 2D features and TV projects into stereo 3D.

Its Poland Street office will grow to include at least 20 extra seats for conversion work. Tom Horton, a former Molinare VFX producer, will head the VFX operation, while David Fowler, formerly of MPC, joins as head of technology.

The move comes after iLab’s parent, Indian communications giant Reliance Media Works, ended its deal with conversion company In-Three. The plan had been to establish in India what Reliance said would have been the world’s largest 2D to 3D conversion facility. The In-Three and Reliance partnership, announced last December, was expected to be able to convert 15-25 feature film projects a year.

“In-Three has terrific technology, and we’re keen to continue the cooperation, but we agreed to end that part of the relationship and we are now in talks about licensing their technology,” said Patrick von Sychowski, head of strategy for Reliance Media Works in London.

By Adrian Pennington, Broadcast