Opencube Presents a Full Range of MXF Solutions at NAB 2008

HDTV and MXF file formats have been revolutionizing the broadcast and digital cinema industries, dramatically improving workflow and production facilities in video/IT environments. The market has now reached maturity. OpenCube Technologies is meeting these latest market requirements by providing its customers with professional solutions to reduce their lead time. At the upcoming NAB, the company will present a number of major new product releases.

XFConverter v1.1: Intuitive software that repurposes all types of file formats (MXF, Quicktime, GXF, AVI, etc.) with new, enhanced features for seamless connexions to Avid and Final Cut Pro editing solutions.

OpenCube SD v2.1 and OpenCube HD v2.1: Two robust DDR to streamline workflows, ingest MXF files, provide print to tape capabilities and create Digital Cinema Packages.

P2Soft v2.0: The ideal software to ingest, shot-log and manage all types of MXF P2 media.

MXFTk version 2.1: the new OpenCube MXF Toolkit. The OEM SDK offers MXF file VBI, Avid MXF file management, and improved HD essence handling capabilities, in particular with P2 MXF AVC-I and XDCam MXF Mpeg2 HD supports.

XFReader v2.1: The essence-agnostic MXF and GXF viewer for Windows, which permits the browsing of any media files on graphics and SDI screens, has now been adapted to work with the HD and SD Decklink boards, providing users with an efficient, cost-effective solution for transforming their PCs into MXF HD SDI players.

Source: BroadcastBuyer