IRIDAS Adds Real-Time RAW Support for DALSA Camera

IRIDAS now offers support for the DALSA RAW 4K format. This advance allows filmmakers using SpeedGrade to take full advantage of the pristine image quality of the DALSA Origin camera with instant real-time review, conform, re-framing, and grading of native 4K RAW footage. Unrendered RAW files offer more image data at one-third the size of an equivalent DPX file, greatly reducing throughput and storage requirements.

IRIDAS is the only developer offering live de-Bayering of all available RAW formats. Currently the IRIDAS SpeedGrade and FrameCycler applications support ARRI D20 RAW, CineForm RAW (used by Silicon Imaging and others), Phantom RAW, and WEISSCAM RAW, as well as DALSA 4K RAW.

Source: Digital Cinematography