Hamburg Pro Media - MXF4mac Player

Open or just drag nearly any flavour of MXF files into the free MXF4mac Player to watch it, even in full screen. Control 8 tracks of audio, the framerate, Movie Time, Source Package Timecode, Frame Number and  Data Rate.

MXF4mac Player supports, XDCAM HD, AVC-Intra, JPEG2000 (optional with J2K Codec), DNxHD, HDV, Uncompressed SD/HD, Uncompressed Avid 10 bit, DVC-Pro HD, IMX-D10,DV, Meridien, Sony Proxy and more.

The MXF4mac Player is also able to play Panasonic P2 XML documents like movie files with video and audio linked together. Of course it is compatilbe to QuickTime movies and more (.mp4, .avi, .m4v, .wav, .aif, .aiff, etc.).