Bridgetech Introduces Digital Media Monitoring on the iPhone

Bridge Technologies has launched PocketProbe, an iPhone app that enables objective analysis of real network performance of streaming media, in a simple to use, easy to understand tool that technical staff can carry anywhere.

Available now from Apple’s App Store, PocketProbe extends both the existing capabilities of digital media monitoring systems built from Bridge Technologies hardware probes, and the monitoring software environment.

Already providing the most comprehensive end-to-end monitoring and analysis capability, with a range of fixed and portable probes, the system now extends right into the engineer’s pocket.

PocketProbe contains the same OTT Engine found in the company’s VB1, VB2 and 10G VB3 series digital media monitoring probes, enabling confidence validation and analysis of http variable bit-rate streams from any location.

PocketProbe is available in two versions: the free application can validate five HLS streams in round-robin mode, provide analysis and manifest consistency alarms, play back media in the various profile bit-rates, and graphically display the actual chunk download patterns and bit-rates.
The full version also offers the ability to validate HDS and SmoothStream manifest files and store twenty-five streams with all profiles.

PocketProbe is easy to use, with a fully automatic set up: once the stream URL is input, the app finds all related profiles and validates the consistency. Since the PocketProbe uses exactly the same metric as in the hardware probes, the PocketProbe can be used by service engineers and operational staff to test real world behaviors post-cloud with various operators.

Accurate status of bit-rates used and profile changes is displayed in realtime, giving instant understanding of provider delivery capability. Together with hardware probes used pre-cloud, the post-cloud location of the PocketProbe enables excellent correlative understanding of CDN and provider abilities.

Source: TVB Europe