TvTak Debuts App for “TV Show Detection”

TvTak is the fastest way to tell your friends what you’re watching on Facebook, Twitter or Email. All you need is an iPhone and regular TV. The TvTak advanced recognition technology does the rest.

When you’re watching TV and see something interesting, just point your iPhone to the screen. TvTak instantly detects what show or commercial you’re watching. It only takes one second. No need for typing the name of the show, or for cumbersome check-ins among long lists of programs.

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TvTak has developed innovative patent-pending algorithms for instant recognition of TV shows and commercials while they are being broadcast. TvTak technology runs on smartphones and tablets, using the camera, the processor, the network, and the localization services.

TvTak recognition algorithms are real-time; there is no need to process any video in advance. TvTak allow for instant video recognition of TV Shows as they are being broadcast. It works on any television set, and there is no need to have a special set-top box or to buy a new TV with WIFI connection.

In addition to TvTak Free App for consumers, TvTak offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the iPhone, and white-label service platform for telecom operators, marketers and interactive agencies to include instant video detection features within their own apps.

TvTak enhances the Television Experience by offering viewers apps displaying contextual elements in perfect synch with the television broadcast, opening opportunities for new cross-media branding and revenue.