Informa Telecoms & Media 3D Webinar

3DTV is the hot TV topic of the moment, especially after FIFA recently announced a partnership with Sony to broadcast 25 World Cup matches live in 3D this summer. 3DTV has got many fans and influential backers, including the major consumer electronics manufacturers, who will launch sets this year; content owners, broadcasters and satellite operators are publicly backing it; and Pay TV platforms are keen on it as a differentiator against their competitors. Furthermore, movie studios and games publishers are pushing 3D content.

However, new 3D TV sets are necessary and are going to be expensive in the short term, there is a scarcity of 3D programmes (which are also expensive to produce), and 3D programming takes up a lot of spectrum capacity which some pay TV operators may be unwilling to release. Plus our in-depth analysis indicates that people will not watch 3D programming all of the time, even when some of these challenges have been met.

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Source: Informa Telecoms & Media