Anixe HD Plans 3D Offer

German HDTV channel Anixe HD is entering the world of 3D-TV. From May, the channel will launch a large programme window in 3D. According to the channel, a new broadcast licence for Anixe 3D has been applied for with media authorities.

Anixe 3D will show sports events, documentaries, concerts and other programmes, marking Germany’s first regular 3D-TV offer. On April 24 and 25, Anixe HD already transmitted the relegation games of tennis’s Fed Cup in 3D.

From May 10, Anixe HD will show the final matches of the BMW Open tennis tournament from Munich in three-dimensional quality. The preceding games between May 4 and 9 will be screened live in HDTV. Anixe HD can be received as a free-to-air offer via cable, satellite and IPTV.

By Jörn Krieger, Rapid TV News