Report: Global 3D TV Market to Be Worth $17 Billion by 2014

The worldwide 3D television business is projected to be worth more than $17 billion by 2014, according to a new report from market research firm Generator Research. An expected 3.1 million (1.4%) of the total 225 million TV sets shipped worldwide this year will support 3D; the market share for 3D sets is expected to reach over 39% by 2014.

The firm noted that the underlying marginal cost of implementing 3D is a lot less than it was for HD, and that 3D cinema is creating a 'halo' effect helping drive adoption of 3D television. The Hollywood studios increased their production of 3D movies in 2009 by 150%, to a total of 20 films, and over 50 are planned for release in 2010.

By Mark Hefflinger, Digital Media Wire