Footage Search Announces New 3D Stock Footage Portal

Footage Search, well-known for its high quality footage offerings through the OceanFootage and NatureFootage web sites, reveals today the groundbreaking addition of an extensive state-of-the-art 3D stock footage collection available from the new stock footage portal, NatureFootage3D. The unveiling of this all-new stock footage web site, with feature film quality 3D content, comes in conjunction with a demonstration that will be on display at this year’s NAB 2010 in Las Vegas at the Element Technica and the Nvidia booths.

As a part of this all-new 3D addition, Footage Search will be handling the exclusive representation of Digital 3D Productions. D3D is a production company specializing in stereo and emerging 3D technologies. Various stereoscopic 3D systems are used for subject capture, including proprietary parallel rig designs. Also in use are leading edge technologies such as Element Technica’s line of camera agnostic 3D beam splitter rigs, the Quasar, the Pulsar and the Neutron. Cameras used with these systems include the Red One MX 4K and will utilize the Red Epic 5K later this year, both featuring ARRI and Nikon prime lenses.

Utilizing these technologies and extensive 3D post production support, NatureFootage3D will offer wide-ranging wildlife subjects from African black leopards to Madagascar cockroaches. 3D wildlife footage will continue to arrive from around the world throughout 2010, and will include aerials and underwater 3D, which will be sourced once the Red Epic 5K arrives.

Source: Footage Search