360 Systems Introduces the 2020HD Recorder

360 Systems has announced its new MAXX-2020HD Reference Recorder, designed for multi-camera and 3-D production. Matched to the special needs of high quality 3D imaging, the MAXX-2020HD Reference Recorder provides lossless recording and playback of many HD video formats, including paired channels for 3-D.

The 2020 Recorder accepts images in any color space with 8, 10 or 12 bits; and does not compress the image in any way. Its two channels can be used for independent HD-SDI streams, as a 3-D pair, or as a single 3G channel. Two recorders can be synchronized for dual-3G operation.

Internal drives and easily-changed external magazines enable the user to configure the 2020HD Recorder storage to suit any application, from one hour to nearly unlimited storage. SAS drive enclosures attach with a single cable, and make file transport between locations easy and safe.

The 2020HD Reference Recorder also provides HDMI monitor outputs, 16 channels of 24-bit audio, slow-motion, 9-pin control, LTC time code, file trimming, and playlisting.

Source: 360 Systems