Philips Cinema 21:9 Embraces 3DTV

Philips has demonstrated a 3D version of its Cinema 21:9 television at IFA in Berlin, Germany, as it and the rest of the industry gets on board for the new technology. The Special prototype 3D version of the Cinema 21:9 TV with 3D has its content provided by a prototype version of a Philips Blu-ray Disc player. The Cinema 21:9 TV has been modified using a ‘normal’ Cinema 21:9 set with updated firmware and by adding a micro polarizing lens to the screen.

Philips Cinema 21:9 3DTV

In terms of technology, Philips says it is also evaluating the option of super fast LCD panels with shuttered, active LCD glasses. In addition to the "glasses" (stereoscopic) 3DTV option for the mid-term, Philips also believes that "no glasses" (lenticular) 3DTV will play a role for consumers in the longer term.

By Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint