LG Promises 3D Plasma Telly

LG’s 3D Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is still just a proof of concept. However, a loose-lipped LG employee told that it hopes to launch a 3D PDP in 2010. Specific technical details relating to the 60in set are still scarce, but LG did tell us that the TV requires viewers to wear active shutter glasses in order to see a 3D picture.

LG’s 3D Plasma Display Panel

These specs create the illusion of a three-dimensional image by alternately darkening over one eye in time with the screen’s refresh rate. On LG’s set, these timings are fed out to the glasses by an infrared signal – so a direct line of sight is always required.

IR-controlled active shutter glasses

Able to display a full 1080p HD image, the set also includes the obligatory HDMI port and an “invisible speaker”. A UK launch date or price hasn’t been confirmed.

By James Sherwood, Register Hardware