Sky to Launch UK's 1st 3D TV Channel in 2010

Sky is launching the UK's first 3D TV channel, which will be available to customers from next year. But users will have to sacrifice their "HD Ready" televisions for a "3D-ready" device, which the company says should also be on sale in 2010. And viewers will need to wear "polarising glasses".

3D tricks the viewer by showing two different images, one for each eye. This imitates biology and creats realistic-looking, three-dimensional images. The glasses help fool the eyes. In April, Sky became the first TV company in Europe to broadcast a live event in 3D when it showed a performance by Keane live from Abbey Road Studios.

Media analyst Screen Digest predicts 3D TVs will account for 10% of worldwide sales by 2011, but only if an "industry standard" for the technology is put in place. If a standard is not agreed, the number dives to just 3% by 2015. Marie Bloomfield, an analyst at Screen Digest said: "As it is emerging in the middle of a recession, the home 3D market is in a Catch-22 situation.

"Consumers will not be persuaded to invest in new equipment to experience 3D until there is enough content; and content production will not ramp up until there is a significant audience." However, she added: "Sky is making a play and it will be interesting to see what impact this will have on developments."

Duncan Bell from gadget website said: "It's a bold move. Someone's got to take the plunge. "It means Sky could set the standard that everyone else ends up following."

Source: Sky News