3ality Digital Expands Global Reach with IMAGICA in Japan

3ality Digital announced it will introduce live-action 3D production services to Asia via an agreement with IMAGICA, the largest and most versatile media processing company in Japan. The agreement is the first to bring 3ality Digital's state-of-the-art 3D camera rig and image processing technology to the continent.

The first productions resulting from the collaboration are expected to be centered on feature films, concerts and cultural events. The projects will provide unprecedented access to the quality entertainment experience available only from 3ality Digital's proprietary technology, which is commonly regarded as the best in the world.

"There is a great deal of interest in live-action 3D filmmaking in Japan," said Sandy Climan, CEO of 3ality Digital. "As the leading media processing company in Asia, IMAGICA Corp. is the ideal partner for us as we expand the market for our pixel-perfect live-action 3D technology in Japan. This agreement provides us with an important foothold to pursue similar relationships throughout the region."

Operations are moving quickly ahead, as IMAGICA is currently holding an "open house" in Japan with representatives from 3ality Digital to launch the partnership.

"Our technology is going to revolutionize 3-D film production in Japan," said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital Systems, the technology subsidiary of 3ality Digital. "Our equipment will enable IMAGICA to capture live-action 3D images of the highest quality. We're also looking forward to showing the Japanese market how our unique, proprietary digital image metadata systems optimize the 3D experience by making it more expedient and customizable."

"Becoming a partner with 3ality Digital enables us to introduce the best 3D camera system to the Japanese market and strengthens our capability to provide technical services," said Mitsuo Inoue, general manager of Production Engineering Support Dept., IMAGICA Corp. "We are ready to support 3D productions with 3ality Digital-trained technical personnel by making the best use of the skills and know-how."

Source: Reuters