Deluxe Selects Core180 for Global Digital Workflow

Core180, a leading telecommunications network integrator, announced today that it has begun to deploy a high-bandwidth private worldwide network for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, a provider of a broad range of movie industry services.

Core180's solution for Deluxe, expected to become fully operational by mid-2010, will enable global digital workflow between Deluxe's facilities, clients and affiliated companies. This proprietary "Network-as-a-Service" model will enable Deluxe to move large digital assets more efficiently as clients utilize Deluxe's complete film and digital workflow of services at their locations in North America, Europe, India, and Australia / New Zealand.

"We are pleased to help Deluxe achieve its objectives for a secure and dedicated transport of multi-terabyte studio content and related files," said David Baule, CEO of Core180.

"By leveraging Core180's model, we will be able to support the growing need of securely moving content between our facilities, partners and customers," said Cyril Drabinsky, CEO and President of Deluxe.