iZ3D at CES

iZ3D had four different monitor configurations on display at CES. First, they had the highly coveted 26" engineering sample. The specs of the monitor are very similar to the current 22", except it displays a full 1920 X 1200 pixels and features HDMI inputs. There is no anticipated release or production date, but the iZ3D team is actively putting ideas together for their next product line.

iZ3D 26" Engineering Sample 3D Monitor

Next up was their retail kit. Custom painted by Smooth Creations, this is what their retail display looks like in Microcenters and Frys. The monitor display also featured an instructional guide and a looping video of popular games in true 3D. Most of the attendees were impressed with what they saw.

iZ3D 22" Retail Kit

The flight simulator model was very popular too. Three standard 22" monitors were connected via a TripleHead2Go solution, and were running Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 complete with pilot control stick and thrust pedals. There were times when people were nudging each other to get a chance to sit at the simulator, and the potential of solutions like this grew very clear.

Aaron Rapp, iZ3D Marketing Manager and Airline Pilot

Talk of a stereoscopic 3D console market has been heating up rapidly, and as a proof of concept, iZ3D outfitted a 22" monitor with a special conversion board to make their solution compatible with XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii. The XBOX360 was playing a third person flight simulator, but what grabbed a lot of attention was the Wii running a simple customized Frisbee game in stereoscopic 3D. Why is this important? Until recently, it was thought that S-3D on Wii was impossible because it doesn’t have HDMI output - but iZ3D corrected this myth.

We must make it clear that everything displayed was customized. Console titles are not like PC games that can be played off the shelf with an S-3D driver. iZ3D had special programming done to make these demonstrations possible, as did Blitz Games Studios with their demonstration at the 3D Entertainment Summit late last year.

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Source: Meant to be Seen