Hyundai at CES

We had the privilege of meeting Mike Kim, Hyundai’s Sales Director, and Kevin Lee, President of Hyundai IT America Corporation. They are both very excited about the prospects that stereoscopic 3D has to offer in the home.

All the stereoscopic 3D solutions on display were polarized interlaced solutions. In their private CES suite, they demonstrated a wide range of 3D monitors and HDTVs based on this technology. While MTBS does not review hardware, we will say that we were very impressed with the picture clarity on the HDTV and 24" and higher monitor units.

Hyundai has a strong business relationship with DDD, and they are very excited about their 2D/3D conversion algorithm that is implemented inside their 3D HDTV televisions. They demonstrated console footage for us with the conversion, and we are pleased to know that there are native and driver support options as well.

Hyundai 24" W240S and 22" W220S Monitors

Most memorable for us was their 24" W240S 3D monitor. We found ourselves drawn to it because of its crystal clear image, its powerful built-in sound system, and its sharp color range. There is something positive to be said about a well implemented interlaced solution, and we are looking forward to Hyundai’s continued presence in the 3D market.

Source: Meant to be Seen