World's 1st 3D LED Display Sports 180-inch Screen

NewSight Corp of the US developed a 3D display using LEDs as pixels for the first time in the world. Featuring a 180-inch screen with a width of 3.84m, the "3D LED Video Wall" is one of the world's largest 3D displays. The company said that it is possible to combine four displays and make a 360-inch 3D display. The pricing will be determined based on individual order.

The new LED display realized 3D representation with the parallax barrier method as the company's LCD 3D displays. Because most of the techniques, such as arraying the slits of parallax barriers at an angle, employed for the new display are the same as used in the LCD displays, it is possible to reuse 3D content made for the LCD displays, NewSight said.

The LEDs are made in China. Arranged at a pitch of 6mm, they work like the pixels of an LCD panel. The display is best watched from about 5m away, but the optimal distance can be adjusted. The warranty period of the LED is 20,000 hours. It is possible to use LEDs manufactured by other makers, NewSight said.

Tetsuo Nozawa, Nikkei Electronics