Telefonica Unveils 3D TV in Brazil

Spanish telco giant Telefonica is testing a 3D television service over its Sao Paulo, Brazil, fibre-to-the-home system. Telefonica owns shares in local TV company TVA and is using TVA for the tests. However, the scheme calls for 3D to be available over Telefonica’s IPTV-based services, which are now preparing to launch.

"We are preparing FTTH so that by the time 3D enters the market we do not need to change anything, that is, we build infrastructure on a future vision basis," said Carlos Sena, of Telefonica’s R & D division.

Telefonica is also partnering locally with Philips for use of its 3D sets, which uses lenticular screens for its – still – expensively produced sets (about US$18,000 a unit).

By Chris Forrester, RapidTV News