Philips Reveals a Massive 3D Quad-HD TV

Philips unveiled its Quad Full Autosteroscopic 3D HD TVs at a 3D event in Hollywood, after years of development. Quad Full TVs push through data at such a fast rate that they increase a display’s screen resolution to 3840x2160 pixels, four times the number of pixels of the highest HDTV standard. That's important for 3D-focused screens, because the data speed and high resolution is a must to create believable, high-quality 3D images. This creates a large viewing angle (160 degrees) and a very high image contrast. Philips promises up to 46 views at once, which means the resolution is 23 times better than the crappy 3D you've seen before.

It's fitting that Philips decided to unveil the HD 3D TV at the Biz-Ex conference in Hollywood. As we mentioned previously, the movie industry is leading this charge with the help of several hardware manufacturers, including camera makers and 3D-enabled HDTV's. Toshiba and Sanyo have previously said they are also working on competing autostereoscopic technologies.

The early word is that this TV will cost approximately $25,000.

By Jose Fermoso, Wired Blog